You're all looking at me like I'm fucking up, which I am!
— Frank

Frances "Frank" Gallagher is the proud single dad of a large brood of smart, spirited, independent kids who without him would be... perhaps better off. A hopeless addict and troublemaker, when Frank isn't at the bar spending what little money he has, he's usually passed out on the floor. In place of a job, he puts most of his effort into swindling the state welfare system, often trying to teach his type of opportunistic deceit to his children, often also for his own gain.

Storylines Edit

Season 1 Edit

Frank begins affairs with many conveniently introduced available women, often for financial gain. For instance, he begins a relationship with Sheila Jackson when he discovers she receives maximum disability benefits for her agoraphobia which prevents her from leaving her home. Frank is the biological father of Sammi, Fiona, Lip, Debbie, Carl, and Liam, but not of Ian, who is the children's half-brother and cousin.

Season 2 Edit

Frank, after losing a bet with a fellow bar patron, is now in over his head $10,000, and Karen refuses to let him steal the money from Sheila again; Frank uses Liam to win sympathy panhandling, until the bar patron takes Liam as collateral for the money. Sheila is simultaneously trying to find Eddie (who committed suicide last season) and working on being outside her home.

Frank also has to deal with the return of his overbearing and controlling mother Peggy Gallagher and lashes out at her when she makes herself at home. Peggy is not fazed and puts him in his place while calling him a loser.

As Sheila conquers her agoraphobia, a worried Frank finds a new financial plan in fellow bar patron Dottie, whose declining health and city pension make her an ideal match; Frank decides to do anything to get Dottie's money, including marrying her and intercepting the page telling her she has a new heart. There just are no limits on how low Frank will go.

Frank soon walks in on Sheila smothering his mother. He is confused by what's occurring as she tells him that Peggy died. Frank (putting things together) rejoices at finally being free of her influence. However, he is later angered to hear that she sent all of his brothers money while leaving him nothing.

Season 3 Edit

The children refer to their father as Frank. Although Frank pontificates self-righteously about political and social issues, he spends most of his time developing schemes to cheat the system and take advantage of others in order to make money. He pays little attention to his children but can display care and concern for them in drastic circumstances.

Season 4 Edit

Frank's liver fails, as the result of his chronic alcoholism. He tracks down his daughter Sammi, and although she is not a match for a liver transplant, she and Sheila go out of their way to arrange Frank's liver surgery. They find an unlicensed Bengali surgeon willing to do the operation, using a Bengali donor. The surgeon initially asks for $30,000 but when the two women admit they can only pay $26,000, he reluctantly agrees to operate. With money acquired by Sammi from the sale of Sheila's furniture, along with Sheila's savings, the cost of the surgery is covered. The surgeon makes off with the money and one of Frank's kidneys, leaving Frank with his original falling liver. Nevertheless, Frank is supplied with a replacement liver from the emergency room that allows him to continue drinking.

Season 5 Edit

A home beer still mishap causes Sheila to leave for good. In episode 9, Frank embarks on a bucket list style spree with Bianca, who has advanced pancreatic cancer. They spend Bianca's last days together and although Bianca's thrill seeking is too much for Frank, they end up in Costa Rica. After leaving a note for Frank, Bianca commits suicide by walking naked into the ocean. Frank returns home crying and tells Lip and Ian that Bianca has died.

Season 6 Edit

Frank goes through a brief depression after Bianca's demise, and seeks comfort from his family. He obsessively tells them he loves them, while fantasizing about Bianca. His family quickly loses interest in his depression and ignores him. While in this mental rut he regularly visits Bianca's grave marker, and on one occasion has imaginary sex with her on it. He eventually snaps out of his depression, mainly because he discovers his daughters are pregnant. He also finds comfort in rekindling his romance with Queenie, the mother of his first child.

Frank is Debbie's only supporter to keep the baby, and regularly defends her decision against Fiona, who openly plans to abort hers. He even organizes a poorly planned intervention to change Fiona's mind. Frank expresses his pride in Carl, who is earning huge sums of money through illegal arms deals at his school. HE bums cash off Carl regularly.

Eventually Carl wants out of the game, which Frank openly finds disappointing. Frank decides to work Carl's route collecting protection money, which is not nearly as lucrative. Nevertheless, he is trusted to smuggle cocaine to Indianapolis. Frank shares this cocaine with new friends, who replace the lost product with Parmesan cheese. The dealers that trusted Frank with their product immediately discover his deception, and are actively hunting to kill him.

Frank constantly hides where he can, and eventually agrees to return to Queenie's commune where he is secretly hiding. He brings Debbie with him so she can have her baby there. Frank is unwilling to help out at the commune, especially with hard labor. He plans to leave, until Queenie reveals they are creating opium by growing poppies. Frank chooses to stay, but challenges the leader's authority. The leader, Jupiter, finds unsettling and challenges him to a duel. Frank wins the duel, and earns a status for himself.

He stays at the commune until Debbie is in labor, and begs him to leave because it hurts and they don't have pain medicine. He drives her to the house and drops her off, where the gang is waiting for him and immediately abducts him. They plan to torture him by burning off his fingers, until Frank reveals he knows the location of the opium stash in the commune. Frank lures them into the barn and catches them in a crossfire with Jupiter, running away in the fight.

He returns home after the baby is born, which he is upset about missing. He learns that Fiona is engaged, and wants to contribute because he is tired of missing things. He begs for money so he can help pay for the wedding, but it's not enough. So, Frank goes to the Delgado family, who's son is the father of Debbie's baby. He tells them to pay him money, or he will charge their 17-year-old son with statutory rape. They give him 1000 dollars, which he uses as a deposit for Fiona's wedding venue, but it also earns him a brick through his window.

Fiona's fiancee, Sean, quickly loses his temper with Frank constantly stealing from him, disrespecting everyone, and assuming he is owed something. This erupts into a fight that ultimately stalemates when Carl chokes Frank out. When he comes to, Fiona is furious with Frank and tells him to leave. Frank, annoyed with Sean, then plans to kill him. He plans to have someone else do it, but when that doesn't work as planned, he then chooses to do it himself.

Before Fina and Sean's wedding, Frank arrives and is greeted with disdain. He demands to give Fiona away at the wedding, a manipulation so he can tell his entire family their wrongdoings - including Debbie - and reveal he broke into Sean's office and found heroin. This is the last straw for the Gallagher children, and Lip punches him until he is stopped.

Kev, Veronica, Svetlana, Caleb, Ian, Carl, and Debbie kidnap Frank and throw him off of a bridge into the freezing river.

Season 7 Edit

A month later, Frank wakes up with mild amnesia and leaves the hospital. He returns to the Alibi where Kev, Veronica, and Svetlana are shocked to see that he has survived the fall and he explains his condition. He is confused by their reactions after they state they thought he was dead. Frank soon remembers they were part of the reason he was thrown off a bridge. He is angry at this and curses them before leaving, with Kev being the only person who actually felt guilt.

He tries to move back in his house, where his childrenaren't too surprised to see that he is alive. Frank later learns from Carl that nobody tried to find him since they kind of hoped he'd be dead, depressing him.Very soon, Fiona repeatedly forces him out for his wrongdoing at her wedding. The Gallaghers no longer want anything to do with him and Debbie begins using her daughter's middle name to distance her child from Frank. Believing his family was the one who ruined his relationship with them, Frank disowns his children, who are more than pleased by this. Frank soon gets even with his family for trying to kill him and insulting him by taking his only loyal child, Liam, and using a stolen credit card from Debbie to hire contractors to block them out the rooms of their house to forced them into cramped spaces.

Frank moves into a homeless shelter and has several teens and a young adult assume his family's names, including renaming his current girlfriend Monica. When his new family crashes a home realtor's showing, Frank returns to the homeless shelter and has the dozen homeless here join his Gallagher 2.0 family. Frank tells the realtor, who was familiar with him, that the old owner gave him rights to the house, but she isn't buying it and calls the police for his trespassing.

However, Frank manipulates the police officers who show up into having them think the homeowner okayed the trespass. The police were also well aware of who he was and considered him to be lying, but they did not have it in them to throw so many people on the streets. Frank celebrates this by throwing a party and asking for donations, before his real children show up and protest his choice. Now having the upper hand against them, he tells his family to leave him alone since they have shown him their real colors and he continues to bask in his fortune.

Very soon, he bonds with his makeshift family, whom he takes begging or scavenging on the streets while sharing tense moments with his real family in encounters with them.

After his shelter starts to make money from donations, he starts to hoard money from the shelter to treat himself. He is visited by Debbie, who tries to make peace with him long enough to give consent for her marriage. Frank (still holding a grudge against her) refuses and tells her marriage is important, but this causes an argument that reveals his money hoarding to his new family. The family proceed to kick him out by throwing him out a window, breaking Frank's arm and injuring his leg in the process. Abandoned by both his families, Frank is forced to sleep on a park bench for the night.

He later goes back to the shelter and angrily shouts about the residents being ungrateful, as he tries to burn the house down in retaliation, while his former adopted family secretly run out in fear of his actions. As he tries to light a match, Liam comes to him for advice and Frank talks with him. With Liam, Frank takes him to school only to find it closed for the day, and the two go begging. They find Frank's old private school but are told to leave.

When dropping him off the next day, Frank sees Liam get bullied in public school, Frank ends up getting his son enrolled in private school with a paid tuition after harassing the school enough to give his son a chance. As thanks, Liam calls Frank a good father and hugs him as he goes off with a proud Frank watching him. Frank later returns to his old home after stealing back some of his old possessions from the shelter (as revenge) to improve the Gallagher house. Despite this, he is still kept out by Ian, who doesn't trust him. Much later, he was chased off by a mob of the homeless for the theft, but escapes them. He continues to try in making amends with his children by helping Fiona in remodeling her laundromat, helping Debbie out with love and the other children out.

When Monica returns, she attempts to reconcile with Frank, who casts her aside until deciding to speak with her and learns she is dying from an brain aneurysm that she may have gotten from an infected needle. They renew their vows before doing their old habits once again for the next few days. After a they renew their vows, they celebrate and have their kids join in.

When morning comes, Frank tries to wake her up but realizes that she has died. Frank is devastated and even ignores Fiona's attempt to comfort him before he learns that Monica left 70 pounds of meth for the children and, with Carl, Debbie, and Liam, locate it. Frank is later attacked by Monica's father, Bill Darrgen, who arrives at the Gallagher Household and blames Frank for supposedly ruining his daughter. Bill also paid for the funeral services and Frank watches as some of his children spoke for her. Before anyone leaves, Frank has some heartfelt words about her and tells his children that their mother loved them until he leaves.

Frank makes amends with his family. Afterwards, he finally returns home with all animosity with the family ended and him once more accepted. He celebrates his return by dancing with Fiona, who allows him to lead.

Season 8 Edit

Frank is seen with only a mustache. He meditates after smoking Monica's methamphetamine and says that it changed him for the better because it helped him move on after losing Monica. Monica's death truly devastated Frank, but he determines his life is so horrible because of her manipulation over the past 30 years. From this epiphany, Frank decides to turn a new leaf and become a responsible adult. By doing this, his children begin to believe he has lost his mind since he has taken to apologizing for some of the wrong he has done to them. He also apologizes to his old friends, who are more less confused by his change in attitude.

Frank soon gets a job at a hardware store by telling the manager his story and sympathizing with the latter over failed marriages with controlling women. He quickly climbs the ladder to management with his new upbeat and 'by the book' work ethic. He soon asks to be referred to as 'Francis,' and discards 'Frank' as the name associates with his treacherous past.

In God Bless Her Rotting Soul, he continues working at the store and becomes supervisor as Fiona comes there and he requests to be called Francis or Dad. Fiona ignores this and goes about getting tools since he denied her a family discount. When his children face problems with Monica's old partner Eric Stark, he experiences guilt and tells his kids that he has decided to help them. Fiona has him help with digging Monica up after he gets them tools from his job.

After getting the meth, they go to the storage unit and pay Eric, but its still not enough and he threatens the kids. Frank steps in and defends them by telling the angry meth head everything that he and his children went through with Monica along with her death. Staring Eric down, Frank tells him to accept their payment before he successfully intimidates the man by promising death on him if he ever comes near his family again. His children are surprised by his action and see his new change is genuine as he leads them to safety. Because of his defending them, Frank earns gratitude from Fiona, who calls him Francis as he requested. Frank is happy with this recognition and they go home.

During Fuck Paying It Forward, Frank has decided to act like he is in his 30s and tells his sons he has decided to be more fatherly, shown by giving his elder kids useful advice as seen by telling Lip about readying for change. The latter is thankful for the help. Ian then remarks that Frank is out of kids to ruin with his new ways, but Frank states he still has his youngest son, Liam, and will raise him properly since Liam is his chance. Walking his son to school, Frank asks him for tips about being a good father, but the latter doesn't know. At the advice of a mother, Frank joins the PTA and decides to show what real labor is for the children. He has Liam join him and this ends up being fun for both of them as the two bond at a car wash. He even bonds with his granddaughter, Franny, who walks to him. While he still shows change, his children are still skeptical but let him continue, humoring him since he's doing better as "Father Frank" or "Saint Francis".

Through his new behavior in The (Mis)Education of Liam Fergus Beircheart Gallagher, he has been rewarded with beautiful women of Liam's school who are aroused by his rugged appearance. He ages himself to his 40s, opens a bank account and buys a new car for his commute, which he and Liam go riding in. Frank also makes sure Liam gets his education after seeing falling behind in school, which allows him to excel. Because of this display, the older Gallagher children are surprised to see how fatherly Frank can be.

Frank continues to do well, only to be fired from his job shortly after due to downsizing. He attempts to do the honorable thing and find other work, but only discovers minimum wage work willing to hire him. While drowning his sorrows at the Alibi, he meets several foreigners from the Middle East wishing to be smuggled into Canada. Frank starts a lucrative venture by helping smuggle them across the Northern border. While in Canada, Frank also buys cheap medicine and flips it at home for profit. This business quickly goes under when the Canadian Mounted Police discover his hiking trail and capture him. Frank barely escapes and gets home, but also barely escapes the angry mob that lost their investment in Frank's medicine smuggling ventures.

Frank reverts to his old self at this point, only seeming to care about his own interests again, but still spends time with the kids. He lives back at home, which is due to Fiona staying at her apartment building, and everyone somewhat accepting Frank back due to his recent run of good behavior.

He later decides to retire, but discovers his benefits would be next to nothing because he never held long-term work. In an attempt to earn his own retirement, Frank creates t-shirts to sell at Ian Gallagher's church rallies, labeled "Gay Jesus," and pockets almost all the cash for himself.

Frank continues to spend most of his time with Liam, who helps Frank with his schemes, but also offers an inside track for Frank to sample the upper class because Liam's friends all have wealthy families. Most of the wealthy families are first-generation wealth, and the parents have a peculiar relationship with Frank. The housewives collectively find Frank attractive because he is everything their white-collar husbands are not, which some find irresistible.

Season 9

Frank continues to revert to his old self, and continues his affairs with the rich women while stealing from them. He has Liam holds the loot while he keeps up his acts. It was shown at a PTA meeting that he has spread a series of STDs to most of the mothers at the school, who spread it to their unfaithful husbands. Frank is named as the source after it is revealed that he slept with all of them. He and the parents all get their STDs tended to, and he is surprised when some of them become thrupples while he is punched by an angry man.

To get more money, he picks up signs for Congressional candidates and profits from the campaign managers. Eventually, he makes a scam where he decides to nominate Mo White for Congress, although is shocked to discover he is a sex offender.

With the election drawing to a close, Mo is in dead last and decides to call it quits, seeing no reason to continue, much to Frank's dismay. Knowing that the political runoff would be enormous if Mo were to win, he pays a visit to the released Terry Milkovich, who asks for his help on Election Day to ensure that Mo White is victorious by having his neo-Nazi and white supremacist colleagues surround the polling place to non-violently intimidate any minority from entering the building, while only letting the whites inside. However, a violent riot ends up breaking out between the white supremacists and members of the Church of Gay Jesus.

Frank later meets up with Mo and admits that while it may not have gone smoothly like he hoped, he was still proud of his efforts. They hear people cheering at the results of the election on television. They walk over to see the results and are shocked to learn that Mo White is the surprise victor with just over 52% of the votes. Mo's victory comes to a complete shock to South Side's residents, with pollsters believing that his victory was in large part due to the vast number of Caucasian voters and their reluctance to admit to that they voted purely out of bigotry. Frank asks Mo what he plans on doing now that he's back in Congress, and pridefully responds, "Absolutely nothing." He states that the beauty of being in Congress is that he doesn't have to do anything for anyone but himself.

During his first televised speech, Mo is seen with an underage girl, and this surprises as well as disgusts Frank to see that he hasn't learned.

Frank has been dismissed from his duty by Mo and falls into a drunk stupor, later to be found passed out by Veronica. He shows an illness after his urine is black. He is rushed to the hospital by Kev and Veronica. Frank is told this is because of his new liver acting up. He doesn't listen, falliing into his old habits again and heads back to the hospital, who give him medicine that calms his liver - but he gets erectile dysfunction and can't perform well. Frank goes to the hospital and meets Ingrid Jones, a manic woman who jumps him and sexually assaults him before running off from the room. Frank is confused, but happy he had his charisma back and decides to pursue her.

With Liam's help, he goes in search of Ingrid and finds her at a hospital, getting her medicine.

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