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Carl Francis Gallagher is the second youngest Gallagher child, and is basically nothing but trouble.

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Season 4 Edit

When Frank's liver fails, Carl takes it on himself to find him an organ donor. Carl falls into crime with Bonnie, committing rob of stores and cars. Carl begins his sexual life with Bonnie and then Holly Herkimer.

Season 5 Edit

Carl gets into drug dealing. He is asked to do a job (selling people durgs). He asks his cousin Chucky to help him bring the drugs up north. But, Chucky gets caught and rats Carl out to the police. In episode 9, Carl deliberately commits a crime to be sentenced to juvenile detention to "get his education and street cred".

Season 6 Edit

He gets out of juvie with his friend Nick who aged out of the system. Because Nick had nowhere to go, Carl offers the floor of his bedroom and as a kind of rent, Nick helps Carl sell firearms. After someone steals his bike, Nick murders the kid and gets arrested once again. Carl shows up and is traumatised by Nick's actions. One of Carl's superiors asks him to do a drug run. When Carl tries to decline, he is pistol whipped and threatened. Sean eventually helps Carl get out of the drug business and gets him a job at Patsy's Pies. Carl also decides to be a cop to try to win the approval of his girlfriend's father but to no avail.

Season 7 Edit

Carl and his girlfriend, Dominique, don't have a great sex life when it comes to oral sex. Dominique refuses to perform oral sex on Carl unless he gets circumcised. He gets circumcised and quickly discovers that Dominique has gonorrhea. Carl gets tested for gonorrhea and tests negative, meaning he does not have the STD. He goes to confront Dominique and follows her to a college where he spies her kissing a frat boy. Carl goes back to Dominique's house and shows her dad, Luther, that he does not have the disease. Carl and Luther quickly form a father/son bond and Carl takes an interest in military school. Luther helps Carl get a scholarship to military school so Carl can become a 'man'. He comes back from military school a man, and help the family a little more.

Season 8

Carl is back from military school and appears to have changed drastically. He spends his mornings waking up early and cooking breakfast for the family. Carl is the one responsible for selling each of his siblings meth left to them by Monica. He buys a hot tub with his money and gives the other siblings their cash. Carl later finds out when registering for his next year of military school that he has lost his full-ride scholarship to another kid. Determined to go back to school he begins scheming ways he can make enough money for his tuition. He asks Fiona if he can borrow her car to drive for Uber to make some extra cash.

When someone in the neighborhood starts robbing peoples houses Carl works to find the culprit. He finds out that the thief is a drug addict so he locks him in the Gallagher basement to try to detox him. After days of keeping the drug addict chained up and feeding him only small amounts, the druggie appears to have become sober. His family pays Carl money for helping him quit and the drug addict, now a changed man asks Carl to do the same for his girlfriend. He tells Carl that her family is willing to pay him even more. Carl realizes that he has a new business venture and begins bringing more addicts down to the basement to attempt to "cure" them.

While doing this, he meets a girl about his age, Kassidi. At first she seems very unphased by him and tells him his plan won't work. When Kassidi hears that Carl is trying to make money for military school she helps him come up with a plan to get ransom for holding her hostage. They plan an elaborate scheme to demand ransom from her father, who is rich. After recording a video where Kassidi acts as hostage, Carl waits at the metro station for the ransom. A man walks by him and leaves a briefcase nearby before walking off again. When Carl opens the briefcase to see the money inside, he turns around to see the same man standing behind him and demanding to know where his daughter is. He tells Carl that this isn't the first time he's been involved in one of her schemes and tells him that when he sees her she needs to come to Tiffani's birthday party. Carl returns to the basement where he begins removing Kassidi's handcuffs to let her go. Suddenly very upset, she begs Carl to let her stay and tells him she doesn't want to go back. He reluctantly agrees and Kassidi becomes obsessed with him. She moves into the Gallagher household attempting to have sex with Carl every chance she gets.

When it becomes known to her that Carl is getting ready to return to military school, Kassidi becomes very upset. Carl doesn't want to lose her because no one else had ever loved him like that and he just wants to make her happy. He buys her a promise ring, hoping to prove to her that he really cares about her and won't just move on to the first girl he meets while at school. Kassidi mistakes his promise ring as an engagement ring and excitedly accepts. Carl goes along with the "engagement" to make her happy, but Kassidi begins taking it very seriously. She begins planning the wedding and buys "engagement gifts" for the Gallagher family. She has a special gift for Carl and gives him a necklace with a vial of her blood. She tells him that now she belongs to him and she reaches for a knife to cut Carl and get some of his blood for her own vial.

Later, Kassidi finds out that Carl is still planning on going back to school and she becomes angry and cuts up all his uniforms while Carl is out of the house. Carl desperately asks her what he needs to do to make her happy and she suggests they get married right away. Carl agrees and Kassidi excitedly kisses him.

Season 9 Edit

Kassidi is killed by his cadet but he fell in love with a girl name Kelly. Kelly breaks up with Carl due to him becoming to clingy. Carl gets denied by West Point. After getting denied he thinks his life is over and thinks all life has to offer him is working at Captain Bob's.

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"Don't have to think about hairy balls anymore." -Carl to Lip and Ian Gallagher.

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